Outcome of WW1 and WW2

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Parties in WW1 and WW2:
The affiliated parties in WW1 were the Cental powers and the allies. The cental Powers were comprised of Germany, Austria-Hungrey, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. All of the countries that joined the war becuse of alliences to Austria-Hungrey. The countries that baned together to oppose the
Central powers were called the Allies. The allies were comprised of Portugaul, France, Italy, great Britain, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and the United States of America. Just as there are in most wars there were nutral countries. The Nuetral countries were comprised of, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

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The affiliated parties in WW2 were the Axis powers which were comprised of Nazi germany, Fascist italy and Japan. Just as in WW1 Germany was part of the lesser side and eventualy the losing side. The Allies of WW2 that were in WW1 was the U.S., France, Great Britain. The countries that werent part of the ally force in WW1 was Canada, China, india, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland and the Soviet Union. The were the opostion force that eventually won the war. ahahaha

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Technology: In WWII trench warfare became a common technology that armies used to lie in wait for their enemies. The soldiers waited in trenches for the opposing threat to march along and shoot them down. The first anti-aircraft guns were used. This was a necessity to forces because there was a lot of aerial combat. Planes fought air to air, air to water, or air to ground. They would often drop bombs on the ground and torpedoes in the water. Also, poison gas was used to quickly kill large masses of opposing forces. Mass production was a technology that played a major part in WWI. Tanks were also created and used for the first time for ground combat. This was very effective because tanks are almost impenetrable. Along with armored ground combat cam armored water combat and submarines. The machine gun had a large impact on the war because now masses of soldiers would be instantly demolished because of the machine gun's amazing ability to fire projectiles at fast rates. Radio quickly became essential for communication. Zeppelin's were another type of technology that devastated cities and towns. There were many technological advancements made in WWII that caused many deaths.

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Propaganda: The propaganda used in WWI exaggerated greatly on the horrendousness of opposing countries. They portrayed the opposition as bloodthirsty, child murderers. This would make men want to come and fight for their children. They government often lied to the public. The government only told the public what they wanted them to know and how best to influence people to go to war and support their country. The countries needed more people to fight and by stretching the truth or blatantly lying to them was a way to do it.

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Civilian Involvement:First of all, many innocent civilians were killed during this time due to long range bombing and artillery. Also, women began to work in factories, helping to mass produce ammunition, guns, and tanks. They worked many hours a day for little to no pay. There were also food shortages during this time. Also, families were losing father's all the time due to the mass casualties caused by the war. The war had an enormous impact on civilian life and the help that the civilians offered.

Technology: In WWII technology kept advancing. Rifles and machine guns were what the infantry used on both sides of the war. Anti-tank weapons were used and hand grenades became an essential part of gear that a soldier had in the infantry. Flamethrowers were used as well. Radar and sonar played crucial roles in detecting enemies. Obviously, the atomic bomb was created and used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many of the technologies used in WWI were used in WWII, just improved. Machine guns were very common and were used by most infantrymen. The bazooka was also used. Many technological advancements caused casualties among soldiers and civilians.

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Propaganda: The Nazis saw propaganda as a vital tool that would allow them to achieve their goals. In Germany, people were continually reminded of the horridness of Jews, the greatness of Germany, and the faults of other countries. The German's had no qualms about lying to their people about other countries and what they supposedly did to innocent people or prisoners of war. They also showed how kind the German soldiers were to the people of occupied countries. The Germans were actually very brutal with these people and showed no remorse of beating and killing random people. The American people created similar propaganda but they encouraged people to become soldiers. Much propaganda was used to talk people into fighting for their country for a number of reasons.

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Civilian Involvement: In WWII the casualties of civilians were much greater than other wars. In WWI 95% of the deaths were military men while 5% was civilians. In WWII 33% of the total deaths were military. 67% of the deaths in WWII were civilian. In the USSR alone there were 17,000,000 civilian deaths. In the US, 6,000. This is an enormous amount of casualties. Millions of married women were brought into the workforce, to help aid the country in this time of great death. There were so many innocent civilians that were killed. The total number is from 34-47 million casualties from civilians alone. Clearly, civilians played a huge role in the number of casualties from the war.